Thursday, 21 January 2010

January goals

I've had an understanding with my wife that I would achieve Goal 39 – to finish the little DIY jobs in our kitchen before I started my next university course. At the beginning of January I went back to basics and wrote a list of all the jobs that needed doing, agreed it with my better half and have set about working away at the list. Number one: fit window sill...

Agile methodology states that the most risky project task should be tackled first. This allows the project to be cancelled if the risks cannot be overcome in a reasonable time frame or for a reasonable cost before too much time and money has been invested.

I should not really apply methodologies to a completely different field but occasionally I do put off DIY never having done a particular job before and the risk isn't about time or money, its simply the fear of never having done something and not having a scooby what to do about it.

So, on the one side, fear of the unknown. On the other, I had a clear goal, enough time to achieve it and at the beginning of January anyway, a whole Saturday to drink tea and mull over the problem. I've been told that tea is good for the brain. I find that chocolate helps too. By the end of the day I'd decided I could fit a window sill, had a plan to achieve it, had prepped the area, planed down the wood, drilled necessary holes and sealed the wood with wood stain.

Amazing what a cup of tea will do!

I reckon that many days most of us tackle jobs that stretch our abilities and demonstrate that we are quite capable of planning and achieving goals. But, often, when we attempt something bigger or that will require a longer commitment, we fail. Why is that?

I found in November and December that I could not write as much as I had planned to. Since the 4th January I've gone back to aiming to write 100 words a day with a simple commitment to writing at least 100 words every week day. Reducing the pressure but making a solid daily commitment has enabled me to get back into the flow of writing this month. Though, it is now 11pm and I still have to meet my daily target, you can check my website: to see if I'm keeping it!

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