Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Fallen Warriors - 50,000 words and counting

For what seems like weeks now I've been on the verge of reaching my next word goal target for Fallen Warriors - the half way point...

What a struggle!

At some point way back in 2009 I thought I might reach 60,000 words by the end of January. Not a chance. That stretch target left me feeling drained and unmotivated. At the beginning of January I went back to my original commitment and printed off a simple table with rows for each week, the goal of 500 words a week and a commitment to write at least 100 words a day. I knew then that if I kept this commitment I would have 50,000 words by 14 May 2010.

I'm almost three months early, woo hoo!

I feel I've got a better handle on where the story is going and have fleshed out the plot for most of the main characters. I know I will have to do some major rewrites once the first draft is finished but I'm beginning to believe I may have a publishable novel at the end.

I've tweaked my Fallen Warriors website a little. Added a small extract from the novel, one of those teasers you sometimes find on the back of a book. Let me know what you think - love it or hate it.

I'm off to celebrate, or sleep, maybe just sleep...

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