Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Love what you do. Do what you love

I fell in love last year. With an advert. How dumb is that! Several weeks of tuning into 'the latest hit show,' FlashForward, left me slightly disappointed at the lack of pace. But, FlashForward did have one thing going for it, the sponsorship by BlackBerry!
Don't just like.
LIKE is watered-down love.
Like is mediocre.
LOVE. Now that's powerful stuff.
WOW! From day one, I was hooked. There was something intrinsically basic inside me that completely agreed with the ad. I couldn't fault it. Maybe they were using some sort of subliminal advertising, all that flashing colour, would have been easy to squeeze a blipvert or two in there. Max Headroom look out...
Love changes things.
It does. It really does. Completely rose tinted, world turned upside down kind of love that for me was transformative and sustained me through a two year long distance relationship. It didn't last, that kind of love, but by the time it faded I'd married the love of my life and I had to start to learn about another kind of love, a harder, deeper love that is more about choice than feeling.

I think I was a teenager when I first heard the Greeks used to have three words for love: Eros; Phileo; Agape. Erotic, or romantic, love, friendship love and unconditional love. Apparently many relationships and marriages fail because couples expect the overwhelming romantic love to last forever and find they cannot or will not adjust to a more fully rounded expression of love when the initial romance inevitably fades.
Upsets things. Conquers things.
Love doesn't always make our lives better, it rarely makes our lives easier. It can be used for good and evil. Yet would anyone rather we had less love in the world?

February 14th is fast approaching. Radio DJ's have been asking who has been dumped just before valentines day so a partner has not had to buy a present... For several years valentines day has come around and I've realised the last time I gave my wife flowers was... last valentines day!

Last of the big spenders and all that. As I set myself a goal to be a loving and faithful husband I thought I'd make a bit more of an effort this year. So far I've managed to give some more hugs than I would otherwise have done, leave a few notes telling my wife I love her and even buy her some chocolates. I know, I'm hardly Casanova but it has been good for me to think on a daily basis, can I do something to show my wife I love her.
Love is at the root of everything good that has ever happened, and ever will happen.
Love what you do.
BlackBerry. I've never owned a blackberry, much less used one but, my mobile contract was up for renewal so I decided to upgrade. BlackBerry, love it? Well, nah, not really. Maybe its just too different, maybe my expectations were too high. Maybe I should have waited and actually tried a few in a store, rather as ordering online as soon as the upgrade option came up.

I'm stuck with it now, probably, for the next two years. Maybe it will grow on me. But the advert, I still love that. Love. That's powerful stuff!


  1. I'm sure I got flowers on our anniversary too! And a cup of tea in the morning beats flowers... :-)

  2. Only just noticed this post.

    I hated that advert - but I only saw the poster version - because I thought it cheapened the word "love".

    Totally agree with everything you've written about love though - love changes everything, love is the centre of the universe, God is love...!