Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Boiler failure

We've just ben quoted £3,300 to replace our three year old A rated High Efficiency Condensing Combination Boiler!


It's more than we paid to have the full central heating system put in three years ago.

I am annoyed. Angry. Raging at Glow-worm, who make the boiler, for producing something so expensive and unreliable with a short warranty (only for two years). Angry with the central heating company who installed the boiler, though I have to acknowledge we went for one of the cheaper quotes. Angry also at myself for not taking out one of the many offers of service plans that would have only cost a small fraction of what we may now need to pay; and for not giving more serious consideration three years ago to a quote that would have resulted in a better quality boiler.

Actually, no. Strike that last sentence. We were quoted £6,000 three years ago for the most expensive option. We paid slightly more than half that then to the company who installed the Glow-worm and now are being asked to pay slightly more than half for what I understand to be one of the best makes of boiler.

I'm still angry at Glow-worm. Has anyone else had a central heating boiler fail after such a short time?


  1. Which goal does this rant refer to?

  2. An own goal.

    With hindsight, I guess I could have linked it with Goal 85: To pay off all my debts - which currently feels increasingly distant but the main thing going trhough my mind yesterday was frustration that such an important component should fail so soon and not allow us any comeback. Combined with frustration at myself that I could have taken out insurance against this but chose not to.

    As I keep telling my kids, life isn't fair :)