Thursday, 22 April 2010

He runs, he shoots, he scores

Football, a game of two halfs, or should it be halves? I don't really get the fascination of watching a ball being chased all the way up a pitch, then all the way back. Though, what really makes my wife crazy is that I'll occassionally drop everything to watch a world cup game and I can't explain why for that brief moment it's suddenly so important.

We bought my son a football for his first birthday. A few years ago now. Only one year old and he knew exactly what to do with a football!

My own goal with our central heating boiler is giving us a lot to think about. Do we pay British Gas £900 for scaffolding or rent our own and use it to paint and repair the high walls on our town house? Or, do we get someone in to do the painting assuming I will have secured a contract by then?

My number one goal is to secure another contract. First telephone interview today. I always find telephone interviews difficult. The agency had sent me a leaflet on interview technique reminding me that communication is 55% body language. Kind of hard to utilise that over the phone. Different telephone interview tomorrow. It is good to start getting interview experience again.

Received grade for my second OU TMA today: 79%!! Woop Woop! It is looking less and less likely that I'll get the grade one pass I had set as a goal but at least the grade has gone up a couple of percent. Heading in the right direction.

Also wrote 350 words towards Fallen Warriors today. I'm meeting my weekly target but still not my daily. Despite having a more rounded sub plot for each character, I don't yet have the sub plots worked together to a point where I fully know in what order, what will happen, in the novel. It is very like a jigsaw where I'm filling in the blanks currently and I know I need to take that last step of ordering events so I can see what is missing and complete it.

What have you done towards your goals this week?


  1. Towards my goal of being landlord, today I put a light fitting up in the bathroom, put up a pair of curtains, cleaned 6 mirror wardrobe doors, put on some tiles in preparation for a new shower and started tidying up the flat. Feeling quite good :-) Hope your interview goes well.

  2. Nice one Louise! It is a good feeling. Are you ready to rent out the property now?