Monday, 19 April 2010

If I was elected Prime Minister...

Goal # 89: To change laws for the better

If I did not need to work, I might just put myself up for election. Being unemployed/in between contracts, it almost seems like a possibility until I remember how much actual work and expense would probably be involved. I'd rather concentrate on securing a new contract.

But, if I was Prime Minister, there are a lot of things I would try and change...

  • Discourage use of credit facilities and encourage saving.
  • Link benefit system to a system where individuals who are able to contribute in some way, only receive benefit if they do contribute to society.
  • Get rid of current human rights legislation. I would replace it with a human responsibilities act that emphasises our responsibilities to each other primarily and our rights to be secondary.
  • And, if I'm not lynched for all of the above, begin efforts to abolish prisons. If someone is not a danger to society, I would rather they be forced to compensate victims for crimes committed. If they are a danger to society, well, that is more tricky. I do believe in some cases the death penalty is appropriate. I also do believe even the worst offenders are capable of repenting, of turning from the acts they did and living a better way, but, I do not believe every crime is the same. Some acts are so terrible, the risk that an individual may not change is so great, that as a society we have a responsibility to set limits and enforce them, even to using the death penalty.

Extreme thoughts.

What would you change if you were PM?

Fallen Warriors update: 255 words written today.
Job Hunting update: some encouraging calls from agencies. Just need to start getting interviews.

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