Saturday, 17 April 2010

Island dreams

Goal 79: Own 100 acres of land

Although I did not specify this in my original list, one of my childhood dreams was to own an island. The tales of Robinson Crusoe and The Swiss Family Robinson were early inspirations but also just the sheer fun and adventure of living in such a remote location.

The way I've always seen it, if you own your own island, you essentially become your own monarch. I'm sure the local monarch or government would not see it that way but the chance to create your own world is an irresistable one for me and objections are just an obstacle to overcome.

Anyway, The Times has an article published this week: The world's 10 most affordable islands (currently for sale)

Number one is even affordable...

Raspberry Island, Nova Scotia, Canada, 8 acres, £51,200

Even while unemployed, if I could persuade 11 friends to join me in a joint purchase, I would beg or borrow £5000 to invest in the chance to own a share in an island. Anyone interested?

My wife thinks I'm crazy. I asked her what she would do with an island. Her response, build a bridge!

I signed up for the Amazon Associates program recently. If you fancy buying any of these books, click on the link and I get a percentage.

Fallen Warriors update: Finally managed to get my BIC today. 387 words. Met my weekly goal for the first time in a month. Onwards and upwards...

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  1. Once upon a time I rewired the house on Crinan island. Every day I had to wait on the pier for the owner to come and collect me and my equipment in his little boat. It was quite exciting. Now that would be a good island to own but I don't suppose its up for sale and even then it would cost an arm and a leg! :-)