Thursday, 15 April 2010


I finally submitted assignment two late this afternoon, one day late but with an extension. Was a bit alarmed by the Open University warning notices - if your tutor has not agreed an extension they do not have to mark the assignment... But, done now and less than one month till assignment three is due. What a treadmill.

Have done no writing today. Still have Friday and Saturday to make up, I can do it... BIC!

On a different note, I've been fasting today. Stomach making rumbling noises as I write. Our church has been fasting and praying for a day each, over this month to ask God to heal people who are ill.

I find the whole concept of fasting scary and attractive at the same time. Attractive because there does seem to be a link between fasting and spiritual experiences, including miracles.

Scary because giving up food is not a rational action. I don't like choosing not to eat for a day and have to say that I have not fasted for the whole day today. I 'broke the fast' with some fruit while my family had their evening meal and joined them to catch up having shut myself away when I would normally have had breakfast and lunch to pray.

I find fasting to be practically very humbling. I'm quite aware of my own weakness and needs when fasting and I guess that is the main point. It certainly isn't an attempt to force God to act. I believe I am more open to God while fasting. A very subjective experience but one I value.

Jesus is one of the few people said to have fasted for 40 full days. I believe he did and possibly fasted for shorter times afterwards. I find it fascinating that when he healed people, he is recorded as having acted in a way that was extremely sensitive to the situation, sometimes in a way that still seems bizzare such as choosing only to raise Lazarus from the dead, not stop him dying in the first place or spitting in dirt and then making mud to put on blind eyes and healing sight.

It seems to me that Jesus had a supernatural knowledge of the right thing to do in each situation. Personally I think that fasting played a part in that. If fasting does allow me to be more open to God then I hope I will know what to pray for and have more faith to believe it will happen.

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