Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Welcome to Hell

Some people say there is a great big sign at the entrance to Hell, welcoming all comers.

There is now a big welcome notice in the job centre. It certainly isn't hades, or even purgatory, but a place I really want to avoid.

I had my signing on interview today. This precipatated several hours of hunting round the filing cabinet, looking for all those lost and misfiled financial documents that the job centre insisted I provide to prove that I deserve any form of benefit. Financial documents that I really hope don't end up on a stolen laptop, or CD left on the Glasgow to Edinburgh 15:20 from Queen Street.

I thank God that before the morning was over, I had two calls from my favourite recruitment agency, in the whole world, telling me of two interviews they now have lined up!!!! I still had to make my way to h... I mean, the job centre, this afternoon for the interview, but at least could do so knowing that there may be a light at the end of the current unemployment tunnel.

I should say that my perception of the job centre has changed tremendously since the last time I attempted to sign on. A much friendlier environment and one that is beginning to catch up with modern technology. As a computer geek, I was analysing their systems as we went through the process, very hard to switch these things off. It probably helped that I went knowing that I see this only as a safety net and the ultimate motivator. I already know what I need to do to secure a contract. But, there are no guarantees, so if they offer me any money, I'll take it!

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