Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Goal 96: To stand on top of Ben Nevis

After the stresses of last week, it was great to join some friends and former colleagues yesterday who were climbing The Cobbler near Arrocher, Scotland.

I persuaded my family to join us, assuring my wife that I would not leave her behind with our kids and would not spend the whole day reminiscing.

The Cobbler is not a high mountain, under 900 metres, but it does have an incredible summit which is a climbers paradise. I did have some ambitions of bouldering near the summit but having committed myself to a family friendly day, we ended up stopping just after half way, enjoying the view and taking our twelve, nine and four year olds back down before it got too late and they got too exhausted.

I took the picture above from the top of a rather large boulder that did allow me to get some climbing out of my system.

On the way back down, I got a call from my colleagues who had reached the summit. It was a great day and our kids did magnificently. They may even be persuaded to join us again some time...Ben Nevis here we come!

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