Friday, 7 May 2010

Tarred and feathered

Goal 85: To pay off all my debts

I’m not in favour of a hung parliament. I prefer the idea of tarring and feathering them all instead.

I've just listened to David Cameron's speech, 2:30pm on 7 May 2010. My opinion - this was a speech by a leader. If you read my post yesterday, I did not vote for the Conservative party. At the risk of being lynched in Labour dominated Scotland, I think Cameron might have just swung the situation in his favour. More importantly, possibly in the countries favour too.

If you do not like Conservative or Liberal Democratic policies, start writing to your MP and to whoever does manage to form a government. Don't even wait for a government, start emailing and letting them know you care. The one overriding result of this election is a message to politicians that it is the people who appoint them and who they are there to serve. Politicians need to listen to us more.

I have to give a caveat to this, personally, I don't think any party can ever implement universally 'fair' or 'just' policies since whatever they do will have a negative impact on some sector of the population. So, to some extent, we have to push politicians to make good and wise choices, even if some of those make our lives harder.

The biggest issues facing us as a country just now? Greed and waste! We have spent far more than we have and borrowed to do it. If we do not stop spending more than our income and start paying off this debt, we will suffer for it.

I want the government to publish where our taxes are spent. I suspect that if we really saw where our money goes, most of us would not mind cuts in so called 'public' services.

What do you think?

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