Thursday, 6 May 2010

Who has the longest ladder?

Goal 89: To change laws for the better

When I want to vote for none of the above parties and I don't live in Chingford or Woodford Green, what do I do?

I noticed the party posters above on a lamp post outside our polling station. Who do you vote for? The party with the longest ladder?

No, but for other reasons let me confess to having voted for a party whose main manifesto policy I strongly disagree with. I am Scottish and enjoy being associated with Braveheart and Freedom! But, I am not proud of being Scottish at the expense of being glad of being part of a United Kingdom. I agree with many who say Scotland is stronger for being part of a union.

If the SNP ever manage to hold a referendum for Scotland to break away from the UK, I plan to vote against such a break up. I cannot claim to be voting for any of their major policies. I feel the UK needs a change and none of the three major parties seem to be offering the change I am looking for. I will not vote for the socialist party and as there are no other options, I have voted for the SNP.

May God have mercy on my soul!

If you are willing to share, who did you vote for?


  1. Me too SNP, but I nearly voted green. Might do next time. Like it makes any difference...... Perhaps if we get proportional representation it might.

  2. I'd have voted green if we'd had a candidate standing here.

  3. I voted Lib Dem like I usually do, and my existing Lib Dem MP was re-elected. As far as I can tell he seems to be doing a reasonable job and he has a genuine concern for social justice which means he usually responds well to the various campaigning emails I send him.

    Also, I like the Lib Dems idea of raising the income tax threshold to £10,000 - this seems like a much more sensible way of re-distributing wealth to those on low incomes than the current, overly-complicated tax credits system.

    For the council election I voted Green.