Wednesday, 11 August 2010


Assignment (TMA) 6 completed with less than three hours to the midnight deadline.

At some point I'm going to wake up from the stress of the last few months and be glad I started this course but I suspect not until after the exam in October.

I can vaguely remember my wife being this stressed a long time ago when she was in her final year at Uni and I have to admit I probably wasn't all that sympathetic then.

I am see sawing over whether or not to sign up for a final 60 credit course starting in October. The thought of a year break is reeaaally appealing just now. But the thought of doing an enjoyable course on creative writing which does NOT have an exam at the end is still very tempting. If any course will ever be enjoyable again that is.

While I don't yet feel suicidal, I think I'm beginning to understand why people do take extreme measures when they are under pressure. Still, pressure dropping, I can feel it ease even as I write this. Time to make a drink and watch some mind numbing TV.

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