Tuesday, 21 September 2010


It's been so long since I last blogged that I forgot my user name and thought for a minute I'd been shut out, doh!

It has been a mad and hectic couple of months completing the final project for the Open University course I'm studying (T306 Managing Complexity a systems approach). Finally done and I was delighted to get 77% for the project which means I'm in with a chance of a level two pass if I can get 70% or above in the exam.

The exam is on October 12th so I've three weeks to get my head ready. Looking over the specimen paper last night I saw the exam is all about reflecting on the course. It sounds less scary to me than having to remember all the facts but as I understand it, to get a really good mark, I have to demonstrate much more than just knowing the facts - I will need to show I have 'internalised' them!

Fortunately we have a tutorial on Saturday so I'm looking forward to getting some advice on how best to prepare.

I have been considering using this blog as a vehicle for summarising my thinking on the course. If nothing else, it will force me to think through the material. Perhaps if I can present it in a way that others will find interesting, it will be good prep for the exam.

I have now signed up for my last OU course, at least until I'm rich enough to give up work altogether :) The 60 credits I will get from completing A215 Creative writing will get me a degree and enable me to complete one of my major life goals. I'm also expecting it to be a lot of fun. No matter what else I do, I always find myself gravitating back to writing. I will restart work on Fallen Warriors in November.

Anyway, back to studying...

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