Thursday, 21 October 2010

A dress is unique

Could any parents be cruel enough to name their twins the same?

Perhaps it would not be cruel. Disturbing? Showing a lack of care? Certainly a lack of imagination. Maybe I've designed too many databases but I find unique identifiers interesting. In theory ones name, date of birth and address are all that is needed to uniquely identify an individual. In the world of databases though, that is just too much data.

From addresses to a dress. Being unemployed is giving me more time to spend with my wife. We went clothes shopping today, specifically looking for a dress she can wear to a wedding in a couple of weeks.

For most of our marriage, clothes shopping is something I've tried to avoid. Having had no training or useful advice on the activity I've stumbled through each occasion building up an increasing aversion.

Something seemed to click today though and I quite enjoyed the first few hours. My wife is beautiful and we found quite a few dresses that she looked stunning in. We really should have stopped for lunch though as a coffee and snack just didn't provide me with the stamina for the rest of the afternoon. Still, we came home with a dress that she looks gorgeous in.

I decided not to pursue the role in the Persian Gulf. Thanks for your comments Frank and Dan. I think writing the blog post helped me crystalise my thoughts and focus in on what is important - my family. Still, seeing the news yesterday about planned cuts made me wonder if I've made the right choice. Only time will tell.

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