Thursday, 7 October 2010

Impressive efficiency

I signed on this week. On Monday. After my experiences in the spring I took advice and signed on as soon as my contract ended. My expectation is that I will find a new contract within a month of signing on! I don't know why that is but it sure does seem to motivate me to find a new contract.

I didn't expect to be asked to attend a signing on interview within an hour of phoning. At least I was dressed!

The job centre even had all my details stored which saved over two hour of answering mind numbing questions about our financial status. I was very impressed.

Anyway, four days in and I now have a telephone interview booked for tomorrow. A VBA specialist role working with Microsoft Access and Visual Basic macros. I love spreadsheets. It says so on my mug. No-one's bought me one that says I love databases but I would drink out of it if they did :)


  1. Hey Mark - how did the interview go?

    Did you get the job?

  2. Hi Dan,
    Interview went okay. Answered all the questions but some of the technical ones I couldn't remember the detail. What is 2nd normal form again? I just do it, don't tend to think about which form it is in. Haven't heard back from the agency yet.

  3. I can't remember what 2nd normal form is and it's one of the questions I ask quite regularly in interviews! It's not something I've ever needed to know specifically in real life, but if someone understands basically what normalisation is about then I'm usually happy!