Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Shetland weather

I used to own a T Shirt with a weather map of Shetland showing sun, snow, rain and wind. The slogan was Forecast Shetland, Outlook Changable...

Went back to the Isles last week to celebrate my parents fortieth wedding anniversary. It was good to spend time with them and also to relax a little after the stress of the exam.

The weather was mostly wet and windy but we did get a couple of calmer days and it is these days I remember when I think of Shetland. The above photo was taken at the back of Mavis Grind. An ugly quarry which hides some picturesque scenes and the spot where the North Sea almost meets the Atlantic.

My wife and I managed to walk out past the bay and sat and enjoyed the Atlantic waves crashing on the rocks.
 Back to reality today, signing on once more and calling recruitment agencies...


  1. I am so jealous (not about signing on, although after the last couple of days at work that might be a good thing too!). Hope you had a lovely few days and that your folks are keeping well. I always remember those crystal clear days where the voe was like a millpond and the sun was high in the sky well after we should all be faest asleep. Funnily enough my rose tinted memory blanks out the days we were bent double walking against the wind and the sleet and rain got under our (very tasteful) furry hooded parkas. Must get back up there again soon! x

  2. Nice pics Mark, especially the top one.

    I don't remember it being that still very often, but it was beautiful when it was! (and also when it wasn't!)