Friday, 22 October 2010

Someones dream come true...

I'm going to have to change at least one of my goals. I didn't include owning an island in the original list but every time I see one for sale, and yes I do keep my eye out for them, I get a rush of excitement. I saw this advertised in MoneyWeek: For sale: Out Skerries Estate, 620 acre today.

Offers over £250,000. That is a figure that I can reach out and touch, well, in my dreams.

I can pull together £1,000 at short notice, would another 249 people be able to do the same and see if we can grab it?


  1. Hmm, how much is a 25th share of 620 acres bearing in mind I don't know what an acre looks like!

  2. You have £10K to invest! Fantastic!

    One acre is roughly 64 metres square. Most house plots are a lot smaller than an acre.

  3. OK I never could do maths!!!!!!

  4. I'm sure you were much brainier than me at school

  5. That's bonkers! £250,000 to own the whole of the Out Skerries!

    Who owns it at the moment?
    What about the people who live there - don't they own the land they live on or are they all renting?

    If you did own it, how much control would you have and what could you actually do with it (apart from collecting rent presumably)? What would you want to do with it?