Tuesday, 26 October 2010

A year of goals...

I finished my first assignment tonight for the Creative Writers course I'm doing. I actually wrote some fiction for the first time in many months.

I realised that in a weeks time I will have been blogging about my 100 goals for a year. It seems like a good time to begin to review where I'm at.

Looking over my goals there are three that I can confidently say I failed to achieve!

Goal 36 To have written 50,000 words for my novel by 31st December 2009
This was a failure. By the end of December last year I had only just passed 40,000 words. This was still way ahead of my original target of 25,000 words in a year and I think I had simply pushed myself to hard. I managed 50,000 words by February this year but was aware that I had run out of steam. I think I was going through writers block. I am planning to start work on Fallen Warriors again next week but will need to look at what I've written so far and decide how to progress with it.

Goal 55 To get the highest grade pass for the next Open University course I am taking
This has been another failure. I got an average of 75 percent pass for my course work assignments which is 10 percent short of a top level pass. No matter what I get in the exam, I can't get higher than a grade 2 pass. I have to say that I am not disapointed. I chose to cut back on study at several points as I had hardly seen my family in between work and study. Also there were quite a few seven day weeks to get that course work finished. However, I'm glad I set it as a goal. I would have been disapointed with lower grades in the course work and aiming higher I know I got more from the course.

Goal 69 To tidy the garden and grow vegetables in it in 2010
I would be ashamed to post a picture of our garden right now. I started so well with this goal but somewhere in March or April I let this goal go completely and a lot of seedlings I had so carefully planted were left to wither. Not good. Still, there is always next year!

There have been a few successes goal wise, more about them tomorrow...

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  1. re your OU grade, I beg to differ. A few years ago I wastaking the world religions level 2 (a fab course, loved it) I consistently achieved high scores but not quite high enough, at the end of the year before the exam I was about 4 or 5 points off the level 1 pass (I was a bit gutted but still thrilled with y average). Anyway, it appears I aced the exam and the OU looked at my previous marks and upgraded my overall result. I came out with a level 1. It aint over till the fat lady sings :)