Monday, 1 November 2010

276 words

In the grand scheme of things, 276 words is just a drop in the ocean, but right now, it feels like a monumental achievement. I procrastinated all morning, doing useful and neccessary things right enough: working on my writers course; checking out new jobs being advertised. But, my main goal for today was to begin work on Fallen Warriors and it was a struggle all morning to sit down and start writing.

It was almost laughable when I finally started just before noon and my wife came downstairs to tell me time to stop for lunch. Almost. In retrospect much more amusing. As it was, she took the not so subtle hints and left me in peace to finish. She is very patient with me!

My goals for Fallen Warriors are in flux at present. If I get a job then I'm intending to write one hundred words a day. If my wife gets a job before me then I plan to write two hundred words a day initially while working on plot and character development and gradually ramp that up to 500 words a day.

I had intended to write a follow up post to A year of goals last week. A review of successes and progress made towards some of my other goals. But, I was pretty low last week. Also quite nervous about starting work on Fallen Warriors after such a long absence. Whenever I'm concerned about writing my novel, I find I don't want to blog.

I can look back over my life and see many times I have started on a writing project but then given up, either focusing on the latest exciting idea, or failing to remain disciplined. I almost did that over the weekend. I had a sudden resurgence of interest in a novel I started in 2007, a novel based on an idea I had as a child. I wrote three chapters but then chose to postpone work on the novel to concentrate on Fallen Warriors. As it turned out, I spent very little time writing for the next year. An even longer gap then than there has been this year.

Still, one of my intentions of keeping this blog is to make myself publically accountable for achieving my goals.

This blog has helped!

I included two work goals in my original 100:

Goal 9 To get Oracle iBots/Scheduler working in live environment
Goal 10 To enable all managers to use the Act As Proxy functionality

These were very specific work goals that I had agreed with my then manager I would complete. In a way, I had already written down my intentions to achieve these goals but I wanted to include them in my personal list as I felt this would give them more prominence in my thoughts. I feel that because I had included these, I did actually place these goals as a higher priority and was able to achieve them in good time. For anyone reading this who isn't familiar with Oracle Business Intelligence, iBots/Scheduler is a facility that can be set up to allow Oracle reports to be emailed to business users. It can also be linked to predefined targets allowing reports to be emailed only if a business target is met or perhaps more importantly, if a target is not met.

Act As Proxy functionality is similar in that is is available within Oracle Business Intelligence but requires the facility to be set up. As the name suggest, once enabled, it allows administrator users to 'act as' another user, to see what they are seeing and from a support point of view, makes the administrators life a lot simpler.

Goal 39 To finish the little DIY jobs in the kitchen

I had forgotten about this goal. I finished those jobs and our kitchen does look a whole lot better! There are a few other DIY goals on my list which I need to place as higher priority fairly soon!

Goal 46 To take my son camping every year

Having this written down as a goal, I made an effort to take my son camping this spring. It was just one night but we both enjoyed it. I have found myself questioning whether I should have this as a goal. Surely I should just be able to do this. But, in the end I come down to concluding that yes, absolutely! Anything that helps me and reminds me to spend time with my kids is worth having.

Goal 97 To finish writing these goals! Tonight!

WooHoo! That was an easy one. Well, a year on it seems easy. I do recall feeling utterly jaded with this list when I first wrote it and struggling to come up with anything else that I wanted to achieve.

One year on I think that writing out one hundred goals has proved worth doing. I am making progress. I've had some successes. Even my failures, as friends have pointed out, also show achievement as it is only when one attempts a goal that one can fail at it. I am willing to fail because I am determined to succeed.

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