Monday, 1 November 2010

Fallen down, picking up

Goals, goals, goals... Sometimes they can feel like a burden.The first of November today, a Monday. Perfect timing for picking up work on Fallen Warriors.

I set the alarm for seven this morning thinking I might get up early and then put it on snooze for half an hour. When I was working I would jump out of bed at six.

I've been procrastinating ever since I got up. Hanging out washing, studying for my writers course, even writing this blog entry... I'm actually feeling scared. If you look at the website I set up for my novel, I haven't written anything towards Fallen Warriors since April this year. That's over six months.

The only fiction I've written has been towards my first assignment for the Creative Writing course and that was in the last two weeks.

But, even though I'm scared, intimidated even at the thought of delving into the challenges of finishing a novel, I know I'm taking part in a marathon which only requires me to write a small amount each day. 100 words, five days a week, fifty weeks a year and in less than two years now I will have written 100,000 words.

I can do this.

Any encouragement anyone wants to give me will also be a great help!

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