Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Goal 31 To be and do all that God wants of me

I can and do apply this goal to many of my other goals. When I read the bible, I see an inspiring story of God providing for people who choose to trust in him. Even more inspiring is God's willingness to provide for billions of people who at best ignore him, at worst seem to hate him.

In many of the motivational books I have read in the past couple of years I have seen advice that is a mirror of parts of the bible.

Just now, I am unemployed, my wife is interviewing for a job. It is a difficult time, uncertain and with a fair amount of stress. Yet I choose to believe that God is providing for us. Interestingly, I believe that God has provided financially by enabling myself to be in work for most of the last five years. I believe that God has provided by teaching us to save as much as we can. Also, God has and is providing for us because we have followed his advice to spend within our limits.

Writing that last sentence, I have a question as to whether we have actually only spent within our limits. Quite possibly not! That leads me to question whether we have saved enough. Again, quite possibly not...

But, we have restricted our spending and have saved and so six weeks into my unemployment, we are coping. Worst case scenario, I am managing my own pension fund and we could ultimately raid that. Before that happens I might be calling agencies about work abroad!

Aidan commented on my post: Money for nothing. The Ecclesiastes reference was interesting. I like Jesus story of a man who goes on a journey and leaves his three servants with an appropriate sum of money to invest. On his return the man finds the servant he entrusted with the most money has doubled the investment. The next servant has also doubled his investment. Yet the last servant not only did nothing with the money entrusted to him, he almost seems to insult the man. (Ref: Book of Matthew Chapter 25 verse 14 to 30)

I take from this story an encouragement to be and do all that I can, whether working or investing or studying or with my family. I know I fall far short of this goal in many areas but this is one stretch target I don't mind aiming for.

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