Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Goal 42 To own a JoLoMo painting - revised

I've enjoyed looking at paintings by John Lowrie Morrison, also known as JoLoMo, for many years. I find his paintings a joy to view and his reasons for painting them are also inspiring.

I was privileged to visit another artists studio today. Graeme Sharp's paintings have some similarities to JoLoMo. Vivid use of colour, willingness to use bold colours and an ability to see life and light and capture and share that through their paintings.

Graeme excels in producing portrait's that shine with an inner vibrancy.

Painting with oil, there is a richness in the depth of the paint in the 3D nature of the painting that I unfortunately could not capture in these photos.

Graeme produces smaller 10 inch portraits, like the ones immediately above, through medium and large two metre works. These larger portraits are if anything even more lifelike due to the depth of detail he can include. Yet, they show an unearthly, spiritual quality in the subjects that adds to a sense that one is viewing something alive.

In Goal 42 I am saying that I value beauty and artistry. I see value in a painting that inspires me that is itself far greater than the insurance or eventual resale value of a painting. I don't want to buy a JoLoMo or Graeme Sharp portrait as an investment. Someday I want to buy one simply because seeing them lifts my spirit. I'm modifying goal number 42 to include one day also owning a Graeme Sharp painting.

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