Thursday, 4 November 2010

Guilty of apostrophization

Okay, I admit it, I never got a handle on when and when not to use an apostrophe at school. My use of the apostrophe in "portrait's" yesterday is apparently a mistake.

I'm not at all confident that I will correctly apostrophize consistently in future but I do believe there is power in self encouragement and self put downs are a bad idea, so let me simply write that I have improved my knowledge of correct use of apostrophes and am hopeful that I will continue to improve.

I found this website quite helpful this morning: Makes a lot more sense than any of my English teachers managed during years of schooling. One rule to remember, only one. Only use an apostrophe when letters are missing. It is kind of crazy that modern English disguises this simple rule since apparently the roots of using an apostrophe for illustrating the possessive go back to adding es to words which got shortened to 's and so the single rule still applies - apostrophes are used to replace missing letters.

It is quite possible if any of my English teachers are a) still alive and b) reading this that I was simply daydreaming while the above rule was taught.

NEWSFLASH: Found another misplaced apostrophe! I'm going to stop looking now. The thought of one day having to grammar and spell check a 100,000 word novel is giving me apostrophe-jitters.

I have managed this week to meet my aim of writing 200 words a day on Fallen Warriors. I've not done so well at working on the plot. I will get there.

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