Friday, 19 November 2010

Who's the Mommy?

I have been reprising a role as house husband this week. My wife started a contract on Monday and now she is bringing home the bacon I am fully responsible for school runs, cooking, cleaning, washing and other tasks that seem far more time consuming now I'm doing them. I was ready to go back to work before she came home Monday night.

Her contract may run until Christmas which gives me a chance to get a jump start on studying. I wrote 2,400 words this week towards a short story I need to do for my next assignment. I'm already 200 words over the word limit for the story and I estimate my first draft will run to plus 3000. I am aiming to finish the final draft next week and move onto to assignment 3 a month ahead of schedule. My cunning plan could be derailed as I've got an interview for a permanent role set up for next week.

My wife will not want to quit her contract but after six weeks of no income it will be good if we have to work out how to juggle two jobs rather as none.

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