Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Declutter goal

Okay, so it is nowhere near any of my 100 goals but, with Scotland gridlocked today and my wife unable to get to her work or I to my second interview, she suggested we make some room for a Christmas tree.

We found several dozen video cassettes that we could throw out or send to a charity shop. Tidying up our sitting room led to a need to make space elsewhere and so we started sorting through our collection of books. We managed to throw a few out but still have far more than we have time to read.

There were a couple of books which we wondered if they might sell on eBay. We have a few bits and pieces that we know we will never use again but can't quite bring ourselves to throw out: PCMCIA network cards from when I tried to set up a LAN party; A Palm Vx organizer that was the coolest piece of kit ten years ago; and DVD box sets that I should have sold the minute I finished watching them.

Well, they are all listed on eBay now. If you fancy a peek at some of the junk I've been hoarding, check out my listings.

If they don't sell, there is always a charity shop willing to take them off my hands.

It feels good to make some space but I'm conscious that behind our cupboard doors, we still have boxes we haven't unpacked since we moved ten years ago... On the plus side, there is a good chance Scotland will be gridlocked tomorrow and we can spend another day decluttering. What joy!

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