Thursday, 16 December 2010

The good the bad and the ugly

One of my all time favourite films and yet watching it now, I find it too slow. Maybe because I don't have time to watch such a long movie in one sitting?

I passed my exam for T306 Managing complexity: a systems approach!

Ended up with a grade 2 pass overall for the course, which I'm delighted with. This ranks as one of my all time top exam results, even though I just scraped the grade 2 result. Goes right up there with the only exam I ever got a first pass for - Technical Drawing, way back when I sat my O Grades. Anyone remember those?

That year I also got my first fail. I received a D for Craft and Design... That was a bad one. Funny to think that a D grade at University counts as a pass and although I would have been disapointed to have received that for T306, I would have been relieved to not require a resit!

My ugly came the following year. I sat Higher Grade History and English in my fifth year and received no award for both. I had extenuating circumstances, having had a major illness that kept me off school during a crucial month, and yet failing so completely in those subjects was a blow.

Perhaps because I did so poorly back then, I've always felt I've had something to prove. It wasn't long afterwards that I signed up for my first night class. I got passes for a couple of O Grades over the next few years but nothing spectacular. Because I had never gone to University or College, I had a belief that I wasn't capable enough. It never occured to me that I might actually find College or University study easier than school.

It was transformational to find out, while doing my College HNC, that there are subjects that I'm good at. Perhaps because I found those subjects relevant and enjoyable. Realising that I can enjoy and excel has kept me studying and made a huge difference to my results.

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