Friday, 3 December 2010

I spy with my little eye... something the colour of see through

I braved the arctic conditions gripping Scotland today to secure a Christmas present for my youngest daughter. With the help of her sister and brother we managed to distract her while I bought it. The bag provided was only partially opaque and I thought it wouldn't be a problem as she has only just started learning to read until eldest daughter pointed out the box has the same brightly coloured picture as the TV ad youngest has been getting excited over.

I think we successfully hid the present. On the way back, stuck behind a JCB for the first few miles and reluctant to overtake on potentially slippy roads I started playing I spy. Youngest daughter came up with the title of this post!

It has been a slow month and slower week. My ten year old son has earned more than I have this month! I discovered that links I've included to products on Amazon have actually generated some sales. A grand total of 96p earned. My son earned more than that by shovelling snow from neighbours paths. I'm proud of him!

I've spent far more on Amazon recently than I have earned. My tutor has recommended several books so I have purchased: On Writing: A Memoir of the Craft; My Grammar and I (Or Should That Be 'Me'?): Old-School Ways to Sharpen Your English; and The Penguin Guide to Punctuation (Penguin Reference Books).

I have begun reading My grammer and I and have yet to start the Penguin guide to punctuation. I've found Stephen King's On Writing to be fascinating. However, while it has inspired me, I think from King's description that I have writers block. King suggests that writers block is knowing what one wants to write but not wanting to do so. I was wondering this morning if being out of work is part of the problem. I generally feel more able to tackle difficult projects when I am earning money. There is something about not earning money that makes me reluctant to do anything other than try and get another job.

I often think that being out of work will be an opportunity to write more or complete another project and yet - even last month, after my wife started her new contract, I could not keep myself from checking the job sites every day and applying for a few jobs. When it comes down to it, I need to work. I need to provide for my family.

I had an interview two weeks ago for a permie job. I've been invited back for a second interview. It was encouraging to have done better in my bid than England with their World Cup bid this week.

If I am successful in the second interview I might have a few more weeks to work on my writers course. I have written a short story this month for my second assignment but at 4000 words it is twice as long as the word count so will need some serious re-writes. I will need to make as much progress as I can with the free time I have left.


  1. Hope the second interview goes well Mark! I guess maybe that would help with the writing as well?

  2. Thanks Dan, I'm hoping so. But, if not, then I need to work through whatever is holding me back.