Monday, 31 January 2011

One day at a time

My favourite month is almost on us - February. I will be 39 next month and am beginning to get excited about the big 40 in 2012. I have 3 major life goals I want to have achieved by then (though may cheat and give myself till January 2013!) -
First draft of my novel completed
Degree completed
Be earning £40,000 a year.

I've made very little progress towards Fallen Warriors in January. I'm aware each day that goes by, I could be adding to my word count. Not a good feeling. I'm giving myself three full days to work on the plot this month.

I am making daily progress towards my degree. I've the following plan for the next four weeks. Our kids are off school for four days in February so will need to plan some activities to keep them amused. I've also a list of half a dozen DIY jobs that need doing fairly urgently on top of this... Still, this month will be all about life writing - biography and autobiography. Which is which again... May give me some ideas to blog about.

Ch 1-Starting out
Ch 2-A preface
Ch 3-Finding a form - writing a narrative
Fallen Warriors
Ch 4-Using memory
Ch 5-Versions of a life
Ch 6-Life characters
Fallen Warriors
Kids holiday
Kids holiday
Kids holiday
Kids holiday
TMA 04
TMA 04
TMA 04
TMA 04
TMA 04
TMA 04
Fallen Warriors

As far as earning £40,000 a year goes, it will be easier to tackle once I have my degree. That is what I keep telling myself anyway. I'm also not entirely sure I need to hit that target exactly, little bit more would be very nice, little bit less would still be far more than I was earning when I set the goal.

I'm also planning to begin a project to develop a room booking system for the community centre my church runs. I will update you on progress towards this, I'm hoping it will look good on the old CV.


  1. Hey Mark, it's Jonny from the OU group, I saw your link after you mentioned the blog on a thread. Good idea, but how do you keep track of all those goals?!

  2. Hi Jonny!
    Most of them are just vaguely at the back of my mind. I can't keep that many thoughts in my head at one time ;)
    I have half a dozen or so goals I am actively pursuing. Mostly related to the OU degree, writing and also financial goals.
    There are a lot of others that I've included because they are important to me yet I've not given a lot of thought to whether I want to measure progress towards the goal.
    Others are not even on my radar yet though I am still surprised by how my attention is grabbed when I hear something related to a goal I have. The recent post on climbing Ben Nevis is a good example.