Saturday, 29 January 2011

Optimistic pessimist

Goal 34: To finish and complete my degree

Well, I almost met my goal of finishing my third assignment by 28 January 2011. I managed to write 39 lines of poetry including a 36 line poem on Day trading. I always feel awkward blogging about anything I've completed writing as, once I've finished it, I start wondering if I can publish it and so am reluctant to share it!

I've still to write a commentary but should manage that on Monday and then onto the next section - life writing. Aiming to complete the assignment for that by February 25th.

And what does that have to do with optimisim or pessimism? Nothing! However, on a different topic (Goal 3: To save enough to be able to retire), I have watched my investment in AAZ lose 25% of it's value this last couple of weeks. One of those situations that remind me that I have no way of telling which way the market is going. Hindsight advises me I could have sold when it went down 10 percent and bought back in now to get an extra bundle of shares. Except, the times I have recently tried to do the same thing, I got burned when the price reversed direction.

I used to call myself an optimistic pessimist. A kind of believe for the best, plan for the worst kind of thing. I've never liked being labelled and anyway, would swing from one extreme to the other as a kid. I still do find myself teetering between periods of being low and then feeling there is nothing I can't do.

This affects my investing as well. I am still holding my shares, in AAZ, for the next year. But am now wondering if I need to set a stop order to sell if it goes down further. I'll let you know what I do.

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