Friday, 18 February 2011

Love is patient

Goal 26: To be a loving and faithful husband to my wife

Well, my  Love Dare book arrived yesterday and today I have started my 40 day journey...

You know that sinking feeling - that growing suspicion that one has taken on a challenge that is going to require far more commitment than previously considered? Fools rush in and all that... Would it not have been easier to just mosey on along?

I told my wife what I was doing, well, she was going to see it on my blog eventually! Her comment: "You really are an all or nothing guy." A lot of truth in that statement. I think back and can see evidence of it throughout my life. There are definite positives to being all or nothing. I can emerse myself in a project and see it through to completion despite tremendous obstacles. I can be passionate and faithful. Yet, thinking back there are times when I have lost or given up that passion and faithfulness and while that may be okay for a work project that has obviously lost it's way, it is never good in a relationship.

I know I'm not totally all or nothing about everything but I would rather be excited about something I am involved or invested in. Also, on the flip side, I will actively distance myself from anything I perceive I do not want to be involved with rather than putting up with it.

Yet, even as I write this, I know there are aspects of my character that I am uncomfortable with. I know only too well that I am imperfect and I knowingly put up with character traits that I am ashamed of.

One of these character traits is impatience. If you have seen the movie Evan Almighty you will know the scene where God very subtly says, "If you pray for love, does God give you a feeling or does he give you opportunities to show love to others?"

I'm praying for patience today, knowing full well what my answer may just be...

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