Monday, 21 February 2011

Not going down...

...under, at least for now.

Goal 6: To visit Australia

A stranger requested that we connect on LinkedIn last week.

I usually reply asking for more information as the standard advice is not to connect with anyone one does not have an existing business relationship with. Then will choose to ignore strangers, unless there seems to be a real benefit in connecting.

The response this time was intriguing. A recruitment agent based in Perth, Australia was looking for Business Objects developers. We ended up having a video call via Skype and he explained there is a current demand for experienced business intelligence and other IT contractors in Perth such that they can't fill demand locally.

Most of my travel goals are so way down on my list of priorities right now I rarely consider how I would achieve them but this weekend my wife and I spent a fair bit of time discussing the possibility of moving to Australia.

Looking back at my 100 goals, I had forgotten how high on the list this one is. Number six! At the time of writing my goals, I just let myself free write without trying to place these in any real order of priority and yet I am intrigued how quickly this one came out. If I think about it, seeing the Grand Canyon deserves it's place at number four; but I would actually place visiting New Zealand higher up my list of preferred locations and yet, New Zealand is down at number fifty two.

Australia is an attractive location: generally a good climate; English speaking; close relationships with the UK; they even drive on the same side of the road! If I had not other commitments, I would happily contract there for a while.

Although the discussion with my wife did not centre around my 100 goals, it did touch on some of them. I consciously phrased and wrote goals 15, 58 and 94 because I wanted to remind myself that adventures are far less fun on one's own. I regret not being able to take my wife on a business trip to China. For me, that experience was awesome and yet I constantly wished my wife was there to share it.

Goals 19 through 26 are a constant reminder that my family is important and despite my wife and I agreeing that we would like to live somewhere warmer, where it rains less and ones quality of life is substantially improved; the reality is that it may be better for us to improve our quality of life here in central Scotland, where our kids are now settled and where for the next eleven years they will be experiencing enough challenges from O Grades (or GCSE's or Standard Grades or whatever it is they now start in third year[I really must find out...])

So, for now, goal number six is on hold. Yet, having raised it's profile, I am wondering if it may be worth discussing a long term plan to achieve it.

If anyone out there has IT skills and Oil and Gas experience and is interested in a move to Perth, Australia - let me know and I'll pass your contact details onto my new contact.

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