Monday, 14 February 2011

A valentine's dare

Goal 26: To be a loving and faithful husband to my wife

Last year I bought the DVD of Fireproof. At the time I thought it would be a good idea to spend some money on a film that I could watch with my wife, a film that seemed to have something positive to say about marriage.

I brought it home and it sat on our shelf for seven months.

My folks are down with us this weekend and we wanted to watch a movie but they were not really interested in any of the new, high def, loud, violent movies that I was offering. They were keen to see Fireproof however and so we settled down and despite having bought the film, I was expecting a low budget, poorly directed movie that at best might have an uplifting message.

After about ten minutes though, Fireproof had become, what is for me, the ultimate goal of any movie - it was reality! It was well directed, well lit, the sound quality was good, it showed signs of being well edited, but above all, I could identify with the characters.

A no holds barred, full on argument between the married couple took this well outside any safety zone and into an anything can happen journey.

A few minutes later the tension broke with some deliciously funny scenes and we were fully on a rollercoaster ride. The scene with the train, not to give too much away, was as real as anything I've seen in another movie.

Fireproof dealt honestly with many things married couples face: loss of passion in their relationship; romance being eroded by the daily grind; temptations to flirt or use Internet porn.

The film for me, didn't judge, didn't condemn. Instead, it offered hope, said, here is a better way - specifically The Love Dare.

The husband is challenged to hold off on divorce for 40 days and accept a series of daily dares to show love to his wife.

It is valentines day today. A day for flowers and chocolate, cards and meals in fancy restaurants.

I have given all these things to my wife in past years but I know I'm far from being a consistently loving husband. If I compare myself to what I consider the ideal of love, described in the first book of Corinthians, I cannot say I am a loving husband.

So, I am going to accept The Love Dare. Unfortunately, unlike the husband in the film, I don't have someone to write out the 40 dares for me so I've had to order the book...;)

I'm not going to commit to updating this blog daily once I get the book and start but will commit to letting you know one way or the other what difference it has made to our marriage.

And since it is valentines day, I dare you to accept The Love Dare too!

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  1. I watch with baited breath or is it bated. "The mother-in-law" !!
    (What does bated/baited actually mean.)