Friday, 24 June 2011

Be happy

Had 'Don't Worry Be Happy' going round my head this morning.

The sun is shining, looks like it is going to be a warm day, hard not to be happy - unlike the last month or so when mostly it has rained. When we have had a month of terrible weather, have you found yourself saying 'we aren't going to get a summer?' If today, where you are, it is sunny - will you say 'it isn't going to last?'

I know a lot of people who have been saying both of these statements. I got into a heated discussion last week with someone where I explained that I used to say things like these but eventually chose to stop and try and look for the positive, the good. I ain't fully there yet but the more I work at it, the happier I am.

It was raining last week and I hoped it would be sunny later. It is sunny now and I am glad. I think that is all there is to it.

If that note of optimism make you queasy, here's a modified freewrite to cheer you up...

Black line, slicing through infinite grey.
Another universe disecting ours,
a scalpel carving a narrow slit.
Air rushes out.
I open my eyes again.
Sunlight imprints a false negative,
time to get up.


  1. Very deep Mark ;0)... or you could just remind everyone to S*P*A*R*K*L*E!!!!
    I love your attitude and I am a more optimistic person now, following all the dark times I've been through, than I was was in my (distant *sob*) youth.
    However, I have dimmed my shimmer this last week or so as I have had complaints from 'friends' about my smiley, sparkly, facebook statuses. I was upset that such a simple (and I thought uplifting) thing was frowned upon so much.
    However, after a week of relative quiet and very unsparkly comments I have had EVEN MORE complaints as my sparkles have been missed.
    It appears I brought more cheer to people than annoyance. Those who were annoyed told me vehemently they were annoyed, those who smiled, just smiled and went on with their day. I don't want to be an annoyance but I do want t spread love and laughter, so I will continue to sparkle, look for the silver lining, believe that life will one day work out and challenge others to smile and sparkle more themselves.
    T x

  2. You keep sparkling Trudy!

    That's a good point, I find it easy to quietly accept the good I see rather than shout about it.

    I don't get the whole sparkle thing but I would rather you sparkled than not ;)

  3. Like the freewrite/poem Mark.

    Powerful imagery - I think you have a gift there!

  4. Dan, I feel validated ;)

    You are a friend who has also helped me improve my writing - thank you!