Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Plotting world domination

In my spare time, of which I still seem to have very little, I often muse about what could be. Alright, I daydream. Always have and hope I always will. 'If I ruled the world' is a theme that occasionally crops up and I store some of these thoughts away and write some down because one day... I could just possibly turn that musing into a novel.

I saw a quote last week which is one of those blindingly obvious and yet profound statements on life:

"If I write everyday, I will get better at writing every day"

The quote is from a poster used on our OU Survivors group Facebook page. I love the simplicity of this statement, no real pressure, just a promise that I can do something to improve my writing - even if it is only getting better at writing consistently!

Another quote I saw recently:

'A goal without a plan is a wish'

I may have seen this on another blog site, let's say I did - here's the site: http://jakonrath.blogspot.com/

Mr Konrath is a self published ewriting evangelist. His blogs are worth reading if you are interested in e-publishing.

My plan for the next few days is to - at the very least - write one freewrite each day. A freewrite being the result of writing whatever comes into ones head while writing fairly quickly for a short period of time. It is not publishable writing, not edited, not considered, just written. It can be garbage, it can be wonderful. I was surprised to touch on poetry today. My theme - world domination:

Tapping away, tippy tapping, keyboards clacking - why don't they hear us, where will they find us? Can we explode? Time to move out, time to be bold. A215 - how many of us are there? Two hundred and fifteen divided by zero, multiplied by infinity to the power of writing - where will we go, where will we run to? Will they read us in Delhi, buy us in Darby, swap us in Brazil, download us in Israel?
Who are we kidding? Us rule the world? Why not? The US did for a time but now it is ours - seize the day, well, the couple of minutes scratching out prose on an iPad or real pad between coffee and bagel or hot water take out. One word, one world at a time, maybe the Universe beckons, astronauts flying out there is the asteroid belt, buckling in for an ice cold novel written by one of us destined to chill. Keep on writing, who knows where we'll be this time next year...

A215 is the course/module number for the Open University's Creative Writing module


  1. How about this:

    Tapping away

    Tippy tapping, keyboards clacking
    Why don't they hear us?
    Where will they find us?

    Can we explode?
    Time to move out
    Time to be bold

    A215 - how many of us are there?
    Two hundred and fifteen
    Divided by zero
    Multiplied by infinity
    To the power of writing!

    Where will we go?
    Where will we run to?

    Will they read us in Delhi?
    Buy us in Darby?
    Swap us in Brazil?
    Download us in Israel?

    Who are we kidding?
    Us rule the world?
    Why not...?

    The US did - for a time,
    But now it is ours
    - seize the day!

    Well - the couple of minutes
    Scratching out prose
    On an iPad or real pad
    Between coffee and bagel
    Or hot water take out...

    One word!
    One world at a time!

    The Universe beckons -
    Astronauts flying out
    There is the asteroid belt!
    (Buckling in for an ice cold novel,
    Written by one of us,
    Destined to chill!)

    Keep on writing!

    Who knows...?
    where we'll be

  2. Had a bit of trouble matching the pace at the end!

    What's A215 by the way?

  3. Maybe:

    Keep on writing!

    Who knows...?

    Where we'll be

  4. I liked the freewrite by the way! (but you've probably guessed that from my efforts to reformat it...)

  5. WOW! Dan, you are a star!

    Thank you, that really does change my perception of what I wrote.

    A freewrite is just like free running except not as dangerous. Usually. You write whatever comes into your head. Try not to dismiss or edit, just write. It doesn't matter how rubbish or daft or how many spelling or grammatical mistakes you make because the aim is just to allow yourself to be creative and see what happens. Like brainstorming except I've found I can sometimes get into a flow and then can just allow the writing to head in one direction.

    Afterwards, you can let the writing sit a while before seeing if there is anything worth using or play around with it.

    Thanks for the feedback and the improvements - nice one!

  6. I've added a footnote explaining what A215 is - The Open University's Creative Writing module. Thanks for pointing that out!

  7. Thanks Mark - glad you liked it!

    I've never tried freewriting as such, but I usally write poems a bit like like that (although I've not written one for some time). I usually find it works better if I don't think about it too much and just try to get into a flow - then tidy it up afterwards if necessary.

    I liked your effort - it has a lot of rhythm and pace and there are some quite clever word plays in there!

  8. A freewrite by any other name is still as creative. Sounds like we are doing the same thing.

    I struggle with poetry. Just have to keep working on it ;)

  9. You seem to be doing OK - that last effort was better than most of mine!