Saturday, 24 September 2011

My 100 blog posts

As the two year anniversary of starting this blog has gotten closer, I noticed I was also approaching 100 blog posts. It seemed like an opportunity to look back and review why I started the blog and whether I should continue.

Blogging has been at times: fun, exciting, a drag, foolishness, extraordinary, exhilarating and depressing. At times I’ve been self indulgent. Much of the time I’ve been self-centered. The title of the blog has said it all: My 100 Goals. All about me.

Blogging about my goals started as a fun idea. I was hearing more and more about blogs and as a writer it intrigued me. It was over a year later when half way through the Open University’s Creative Writing module that we started studying life writing and I had a crisis of confidence in my blog. I stopped writing the blog for over three months.

A succession of failures – poor investment decisions – had made me realise that I don’t really want to tell the world about every mistake I make. 

However, having started the blog, I couldn’t let go of it. Truth be told, I find it quite addictive. Maybe as a writer it’s just seeing my work in print, knowing that somebody else is ‘reading wot I wrote.’

So, why am I blogging? Why should I continue?

One reason I started was to give me a vehicle to advertise my novel, when I finally got it finished… Two years on and I estimate I’ve written 30,000 words on this blog and in the same time maybe 10,000 on my novel! I’ve been prioritising my blog higher than my novel which aint great!

But, by blogging I’ve opened my writing up to criticism and learnt a few things – like how not to use apostrophes! It has also enabled me to keep writing which deep down is one of the driving forces in my life.

I would like to keep blogging but I want to broaden the focus. I hadn’t clicked that Amazon offer a service to Kindle readers who can subscribe to blogs through Kindle which are then downloaded to their Kindle readers. The blog author gets 30 percent of the subscription fee. You just have to look at the hit counter at the bottom of the page to see that by offering my blog as a subscription on Kindle I’m not going to get rich but it did strike me off on a new train of thought - 

People can make money from their blogs! (To be fair and frank, my wife had told me about this months ago but sometimes it takes a while for my brain to catch up;) 

But why would anyone pay to read MY blog? So I thought about that. I thought, what if this blog wasn’t called My 100 Goals but rather – Your 100 Goals. Would that be more appealing?

What do you think – if you had the choice of reading My 100 Goals or Your 100 Goals? 

I could branch off, create a sister blog but I’ve grown attached to this and I am wondering, what if I simply change the focus; I can add a tag line: My 100 Goals; Your 100 Goals – a blog to encourage you to achieve your dreams…

Too corny?

What if this blog was more about you? What goals do you have? Have you ever tried writing down one hundred of them? What help do you need to achieve your goals? Are you actually put off by the idea of goals, let alone one hundred of them?

Let me know. Maybe it's what this blog needs.

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