Tuesday, 6 September 2011

My first rejection

Well, technically my second but since my first was over a decade ago and my latest is intended to be proof that I am now working towards getting published - I'm starting again.

Apparently my short story was not quite suitable for the magazine I submitted to. That view is the editor's prerogative and who am I to argue? After posting my sumission I had one of those frustrating aha moments when I realised a way to improve the story but to be honest, there is no guarantee I would have had that aha moment if I hadn't begun to relax having finally let go.

I have over ten completed short stories in a file upstairs. Many of which I now know will need serious re-writes. While my goal is to publish a novel, I would be delighted to have a short story published.

I will try improving the story and submitting to an alternative magazine. I am beginning to formulate a plan to submit at least two new stories each year, alongside work on my novel, and build up a collection of stories that I feel are publishable. If none are accepted then I have the option of combining into a short collection and publishing as an eBook at no cost to myself but with the benefit that I can begin marketing my writing and seeing what feedback I get from a wider readership.

If we are not willing to fail, we will never succeed.


  1. Well done Mark. Obviously I know virtually nothing about writing and publishing, but I think you'd have to be pretty lucky to get accepted on your first submission? My impression is that its common to get a lot of rejections and you just have to keep plugging away at it?

    Well done for getting your first submission in though! :-)

  2. Thanks Dan!

    I believe in luck...;) I also believe that hard work and perseverance makes people more likely to be lucky.