Tuesday, 27 September 2011

NaNoWriMo - 34 days to go

My thinking about NaNoWriMo goes like this...

It is going to be tough. Worse maybe than the worst months of Uni.

To stick with daily writing at the level needed (I'm aiming for 2,300 words a day every week day) I will need to be fit and healthy. I will have to keep that creative buzz going all month. I doubt I will have that creative buzz all month and so will have to force it - will have to dig deep.

To dig that deep for so long will require discipline and strength and good health.

I really cannot afford to get ill in November!

As I write this in September - I feel like I have a cold starting. My head is buzzing and not in a good way; I feel weak and generally run down.

Solutions? What do you do to stay healthy and fit and keep working at peak performance?
  • I am thinking about what I eat - I need to be more consistent eating fruit and vegetables
  • I need to start exercising again - maybe try jogging for ten minutes each morning. Nothing crazy, just make a start
  • Start taking vitamin tablets
  • Cut down on TV
  • Increase my reading - actually read some of the research material I've begun collecting
I don't yet have a system for writing a novel. I tend to write in scenes. A scene forms in my head and I live it - am there - taking part as one of the characters and that is what I write - what I see and experience. Then I fill in the gaps.

I'm thinking I need to start thinking up some scenes. Not write them out but begin sketching out some scenarios. Things my hero will face: challenges; obstacles. How can I crush him and cause him pain? How can I enable him to overcome these obstacles and rise up despite them and come out the other end? Or do I allow him to survive? Do I take away all hope and then destroy him, risking everything, including my readers loyalty - just so they know - anything can happen?

Are you taking part in NaNoWriMo? How are you preparing? How are you finding it?

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