Friday, 30 September 2011

NaNoWriMo prep - killer hamsters and 31 days to go

Only a month to go till National Novel Writing Month kicks off. I'm simultaneously looking forward and dreading it at the same time.

Based on the last couple of weeks practice sessions I reckon I will need to be in bed by 9pm every week night and up at 5am. That should allow me two hours of writing each morning.

I'm averaging 20 words a minute which I know is enough to meet my weekday target of 2,300 words:

Date Words Time Words per minute
Tue 27th 754 35 22
Wed 28th 743 40 19
Thu 29th 725 30 24
Fri 30th 557 30 19

I do like my statistics!

I haven't done any prep on plotting or characters this week and will need to spend time in October doing that. I have a growing fear that I will reach a point where I've run out of ideas with thirty thousand words left to go and think - now what? I realise one of the benefit of NaNo is it forces us to face that reality. To train oneself to keep writing even when there seems like nothing is there. But still, I would rather have a general plot to aim for which hopefully will result in a coherent novel. On the NaNo forums I've seen some discussions around when the zombie space pirates are likely to appear... I'd rather not end up having to introduce killer hamsters just to meet the 50K target!

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