Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Acer means To Do!

Goal 27: To learn Spanish and speak it

I was struggling to learn the Spanish for 'to do' last week. I was up to CD seven of twelve in Collins Spanish with Paul Noble and while it has been good using commute time to listen to the CDs, I'm conscious that driving takes top priority and so I don't always hear or understand what is said.

Apparently the Spanish for 'to do' is Hacer, with a silent H. I was asked to use it in a question by removing the r at the end: Hace (pronounced, as far as I can tell, as assay.) So, to ask: 'what do you do?' I now - if I'm remembering it correctly - will say: Kay assay (phonetically - I still don't know how to spell what...;)

Anyway, I played the CD a couple of times and was still not getting it. I'm finding it harder each week to concentrate - NaNoWriMo starting to take its toll even before November... The course does continually repeat words and there is no pressure from Paul Noble to remember. It is quite weird to be told forgetting is a normal part of learning!

Then I heard the word again and realised - I have an Acer! Spelt differently but pronounced the same. I'm using it now to write this blog post :) Hacer means 'to do!' I do a lot with my laptop: I've written stories; blog posts; software applications... Hacer means to do!


  1. Stick at it! Hacer can mean to do or to make, and the Spanish pronunciation is "ath-air", if it sounds like "ass-air" then it's more central/south American but the Spanish would still understand you. You use it for the weather - hace frio - it's cold (it makes or does cold).

  2. I definitely find the latin American spanish easier to pronounce but will stick at it. Will have to arrange a trip to Spain once I've finished the course!

  3. Listening is tough, be prepared for that. Many words sound similar, they don't use the subject of a verb, and they tend to talk very fast. listening is always the most difficult but I still find it hard in Spanish. Puedes practicar hablar con Sarah!

  4. Yo Savver! Kiero lo, pero, no kiereh hablar Espanyol de Padre!