Friday, 28 October 2011

Going to war!

I have found myself getting quite militant over the Autumn.

I hate injustice. Hate it with a passion. I do not like seeing other people being victimized and do not like being in any situation where I feel an individual or organization has stolen from me or withheld from me something I was entitled to.

As a follower of Christ, I'm very aware of his teaching on forgiveness. I understand that when I forgive both I and the person who has wronged me are released from long term bitterness and suffering which I suspect - but cannot yet prove - can result in physical illness.

I do not subscribe to an interpretation some have made that all Christians should turn the other cheek and allow evil men to walk all over us in any situation where we are wronged. I see no evidence anywhere that Christ lived his own life allowing other people to wrong him or those around him - instead I see at the very end of his life: he lived up to his own teaching by turning his cheek as he was beaten by men who chose evil over good and he allowed himself to be killed in our place.

What Would Jesus Do about the petty injustices I perceive around me? I strongly suspect he is telling me right now to get a grip! I doubt Jesus would have a bank account or mortgage if he lived today. He would live simply and so avoid all the problems that many of us face.

As a follower of Christ - I often get it wrong. I'm not yet getting a grip and instead have gone to war with my mortgage company and an organization that gives interest free loans to enable people to install renewable energy products.

I will name no names at present - I'm conscious that the latter conflict may just be a misunderstanding, even though suspicious and irritating.

We signed up to get Solar Panels installed. The cost: £9,250. Money we do not have. We applied for two loans, one with the un-named organization, the other with a high street bank. The high street bank approved our loan for £7,500 and gave us the money within a week. Un-named took a month to tell me I was a credit risk and they had declined my application.

As I wrote, it may just be a misunderstanding but it has turned into a twisty saga just begging to be blogged about. More later...

The former conflict - I claimed back MPPI (Mortgage Payment Protection Insurance). I did so myself, ignoring the dozens of companys claiming only they could assist me. They were all wrong. Anyone who has paid MPPI can claim it back themselves as it was mis-sold for many years.

I've spent a lot of time writing letters this week that possibly could have been better spent writing or editing my novel. Or preparing for NaNoWriMo. I won't have time in November to fight these battles.

Dan, you asked what happened to our roof... After we signed up for Solar Panels I thought I better get the roof checked out. Turns out we needed a new one!

Cracked and holed tiles come off:

Tiles, battons and felt end up here:

 Somewhere in this chaos is hope...


  1. I'm impressed that you're getting solar panels fitted! I think we looked into that briefly but decided it wasn't really worth it because our roof was facing in the wrong direction or something. Sounds like a lot of money - hope it works out!

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  3. Well, we have a long way to go before we actually get solar panels fitted...

    Though reading the Guardian articles and comments does make me wonder again if we did the right thing signing up.

  4. I didn't read all of it, but it sounded as though you get the existing tariff (i.e. the good rate) as long as you've signed up by December 8th - so I think you made it just in time?

  5. Dan, you were right on the money! I hadn't noticed those articles at all but they made the announcement yesterday. November has become a whole lot more uncertain for us.

  6. I'm still a bit confused though.

    Does this affect you or not? I thought it was saying that you'd still get the old tariff as long as you applied before the cut off. Or have I misunderstood?

  7. We have until December 12th I think to register for FIT payments I'm a bit unclear as to the terminology - my better half understands it better...)

    We still have no tiles on our roof but these should be on today. We are going to check if the company thinks they can install the solar panels this month. If they can, we may still fall into the current feed in tarrif rate. If there is any delay though, we lose half the rate and it stops becoming worthwhile to do it.

  8. Well, I think it's great that you're doing it (or at least trying to) and I hope it works out.

    I got the impression that the cut off was to do with when you registered, not necessarily when they install the panels - so delays might not be quite so crucial as long as you can register in time?

  9. The cut off date refers to when you apply to your energy provider,e.g. eon, or british gas etc, to get your FIT can only apply after the panels are installed.In fact the date the energy supplier receives your application is the date that counts.Hope that clarifies out for you,Dan.