Friday, 21 October 2011

Grinding The Crack

Goal 75: Successfully and Safely parachute jump

While I've said I may leave this goal till last, that was until a friend showed me this clip yesterday: Jeb Corliss - Grinding The Crack

I have no plan and no targets for this but at some point I want to try para-gliding and work my way up to jumping off a really tall mountain...

The stunning visuals in the above clip are tempered by this article. The section on fatalities and their causes especially...

Still, I have always wanted to fly... (Goal number 5)


  1. I know someone who does this for a hobby. He wouldn't fly that close though! Base jumping is a dangerous game.

    I've done a tandem sky dive - not quite the same thing though! I don't think I'd do a base jump.

    According to that article you need to have done at least 50 base jumps before you even consider a wing-suit jump, which sounds reasonable to me. That's 50 quite good chances of dying...!

    The guy I mentioned - I think at last count he'd lost 13 friends to this sport...! It doesn't seem to have put him off so far, but he does try to be very careful...

  2. I still get scared letting go of a hold five metres up at the climbing wall... But base jumping with a wing suit really appeals to me.

    Costs an absolute fortune though so I expect it will be a while yet before I can afford to risk it all :)

  3. Yeah - it's not just the price though, it's a way of life.

    You'd need to get in with the other base jumpers and put some serious hours in. I get the impression it's quite a tight-knit community.