Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Growing weed

I harvested my chilli plants a while back and have been drying them out in our kitchen. I finally got round to readying them for storing this month and decided to save some of the seeds to see if I could grow more plants from seed that I'd grown.

I took some of our home produced compost and planted a dozen seeds in the tray you can see below along with a plum seed and some lemon seeds - just to see what would happen. I've taken the tray into work and now have this sitting on my desk - far from a window but I'm hoping there is still sufficient light to allow the seeds to germinate. It has taken a few days but you might just be able to see some green shoots... It may just be weeds from our compost but if weeds can sprout - so can chillis!

I find this whole growing food to eat concept quite attractive. Our local Tesco had a sale of seed packets after the summer and I picked up packets of pepper seeds. We recycle a lot of plastic and tin containers and so I have kept some back to see if I can make use of them myself. This weekend I planted the remaining chilli seeds and the pepper seeds and now have them sitting on our window sill - warming in the winter sun :)

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