Saturday, 1 October 2011

NaNoWriMo - Downgrading

If Microsoft made cars it would take progressively longer to turn the engine on until we would have no choice but to replace the car if we wanted to get anywhere... You've probably heard the longer version of that joke many times before. I'm now at the stage where I need a new car, uh, operating system. There's nothing really wrong with the one I've got, except it irritates me having to wait so long from pressing the on switch to being able to do any work.

I've got nothing against Microsoft - without them I would not have been tempted to buy our first computer. Without Microsoft Excel, I doubt I would have found learning to program as easy as I did.

I enjoy the ease of Windows, prefer MS Office to the free alternatives out there and although I've flirted with Linux; occasionally secretly dream of being a hacker - it just isn't high on my list of priorities. There are other goals I would rather pursue - like NaNoWriMo.

I've used Vista Ultimate for the past couple of years. I found it okay though was frustrated at times by not being able to use all my legacy software. I bought the full version for the drive encryption it offered. But, I'm now downgrading back to Windows XP Pro.

I should be able to use all the software I currently use and I'm hoping, if I put off installing most of the junk I'm sure will eventually creep on my hard drive, I might get more writing in each morning.

I've spent the morning backing up and I'm now signing off and formatting my drive... I may be some time!

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