Thursday, 20 October 2011

NaNoWriMo fears

05:30 I was awake but unwilling to get out of bed. Waking up before my 6AM alarm is a good sign though that my body clock is slowly beginning to adjust.

06:00 Out of bed at the alarm, put on my dressing gown, wrap a blanket around me and grab my laptop before heading downstairs. Frost on the shed roof this morning.

06:08 Laptop booted and I'm typing this... Decaf coffee made (Should I get Decaf filter coffee for November? Maybe I'm losing words by avoiding the caffeine kick?)

I have a problem - I have no idea what happens next... The story I'm working on this week - my original idea was inspired by seeing a strange rock formation that looked to me like a monster. There was no story, no characters, no plot. Just a memory - and a few photos - of a strange looking cliff face.

This week I've created four characters, introduced them and now, today, have brought some of my characters to an encounter with the rock monster. But I don't know what they will do or it will do or even if it is real...

When I've written stories before and hit that point where I didn't know what happened next I've just taken some thinking time. Left the story and got on with my life until I got inspiration. But I'm not going to be able to do that in November. I think I've only just realised that I somehow need to produce 2,300 words every morning - regardless of whether I know what happens next or not.

Sure I have a basic plot now and twenty or so potential chapter ideas - but I'm going to need to make each one work and am going to have to work hard to keep writing.

By 07:05 I had written 893 words this morning. Not enough. I still have to up my game.

Have you completed NaNoWriMo or forced yourself to write despite everything and anything holding you back? How did you do it?

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