Wednesday, 19 October 2011

NaNoWriMo prep - whose idea was this?

Oh yeah, mine.

06:00 alarm goes off - Casting Crowns - The Word Is Alive...

06:06 crawl out of warm bed and carry laptop down to cold kitchen. Why? Why am I doing this? Oh yeah, I want to complete a novel. I'm in training.

06:12 Kettle is boiled - do I have decaf or full caff? Laptop is booted and I'm now typing - even if it is just procrastination... Okay, decaf - for now.

06:14 Story I'm working on this week is opened in new window. Time to start... Goal is 1,150 words in 45 minutes...

06:17 (Idea - put coffee percolator on timer - when I have to get up at 5am I really don't want to be wasting time!)

06:43 Okay, I've made a start but a slow one. My favourite youngest daughter has joined us for breakfast - oh yeah, my wife is now up too, getting ready for work. Maybe time to have some breakfast?
How am I ever going to write 2,300 words first thing in the morning?

06:53 Youngest daughter can talk for Scotland. Trying to write while I become increasingly aware of yabber proving difficult. Oh, wait, they've gone. Need to get back in the groove.

07:00 622 words in 45 minutes - not enough. Not nearly enough. So much for forced, speed writing. I seem to be getting slower every day. I need to speed up, not slow down!

07:17 907 words and I really need to stop now, have breakfast and get the kids ready to go to child care.

I've set up a new profile on the NaNoWriMo site. You can now see the name of my NaNo novel and read a short synopsis.

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