Monday, 7 November 2011

5 A.M. Stop moaning and start writing!

Todays word count: 2347
Total words: 13,213

I took Sunday off and I would encourage all my fellow NaNo'ers out there to take a day off from writing each week. If I write every day I might get better at writing every day - but if I don't take a break on a regular basis then the quality of my work suffers.

Not that my Sunday was particularly restful. I slept poorly Friday and Saturday night. I took my son to a Judo competition Sunday morning and spent a couple of hours on the edge of my seat watching him fight. It's a scary thing - watching your child knowingly walk into a fight - even a supposedly defense sport like Judo. There wasn't a whole lot of defending going on!

He did himself proud winning five out of eight fights and gaining two silver medals as they asked him to fight in two groups to make up the numbers in the second group. He went in with the right attitude - telling me he was going for a gold medal. I'm sure that with that attitude and continual practice - he will get that gold.

If you are taking part in NaNoWriMo then I'm sure you will have days like me when anything seems preferable to churning out that daily word count. Whatever you have commited to - stick to it. Keep writing. You will get there!

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