Saturday, 5 November 2011

Movie making on the cheap

Goal 81: To direct a movie

Spotted this BBC article: How to make a movie for just £15,000 this week.

Unfortunately it doesn't actually tell you how - more that it has been done. Still, that is a good thing to hear for anyone - myself included - who would like at some point to have a go at directing a movie.

NaNoWriMo update
Todays word count: 1,154
Total words: 10,866

I'm not writing at weekends, except for the Saturdays I do... My body clock is adjusting gradually to earlier mornings and I had a thought that if I woke early I might get a thousand or more words in before the day got really started. I'm pleased with adding another 1,154 to my overall word count. I'm now passed 10K!

Quick fist pump ;)

I'm trying not to think about the rest of the month. This week has been seriously stressful. Getting up at 5am week days and then working late several nights to bank some time so I could pick my son up from his return from a week away at an outbound adventure centre. He seems to have had a blast!

I had a fear yesterday that I'll hit my 50K target before the end of the month and realise I'm only half way through. If I can't keep the pace up at that point I'll lower my daily word target to 1,000 words a day and push on. This isn't just about a notional 50K target. I want to finish the story. I'll only achieve my number one goal of writing an enjoyable, bestselling novel if I complete one! The Great Scottish Land Grab doesn't have to be a best-seller but if I complete it, I'll have more confidence to complete another.

The more novels I actually finish, the more chance I have of publishing one. The more novels I publish, the more chance I have one will sell well. This is a marathon, not a sprint. I'm looking forward to Monday. Mostly ;)

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  1. Just read the first instalment-very good,I'm looking forward to the next bit. :-)