Wednesday, 2 November 2011

NaNoWriMo - day two

Todays word count: 2310
Total words: 4688

Found writing tough going this morning. Woke at 4:45am but could not get out of bed. Took me two and a half hours to hit my target word count.

Update on roof - we've been told our roof is non-standard construction and is not strong enough to take solar panels.Quite a disapointment.


  1. I have to admit to being a PV skeptic, so to be honest I think you're better just fixing the roof and forgetting solar power (PV or hot water, the latter being even more unlikely) in the UK. However I also saw this today (via a friend in Spain who is heavily into PV business development):
    so maybe your payback was going to be a bit longer than you might have thought. Every cloud etc.!

  2. Sorry to hear the solar panel thing hasn't worked out - well done for trying though!

  3. Hi guys,
    The feed in tariff announcement is a killer. My lovely wife is still rooting for the panels but I have given up hope. We have asked the PV Solar surveyor to speak to the roofer and arrange to come and see us. Still a slim possibility but if there is any risk the roof can't take the extra weight I won't want to go ahead.