Sunday, 29 January 2012

Twenty goals for 2012

Goal 71: To finish reading Goals! and apply it

Over Christmas and the New Year I dusted off my partially read copy of Goals! and sped read through the last chapters. Like 7 Habits it is filled with searching questions and an expectation the reader will treat it like a workbook.

I included reading and applying it in my 100 goals because it first inspired me to write them but also because I had already seen examples where much of the down-to-earth practical advice was relevant. I am convinced that following some of Tracy's advice and giving real thought to some of his questions will benefit many people.

I say some because the latter chapters also contain some ideas that I can't recommend.

One idea resonated with me however - that of daily writing down twenty goals.

In January I only managed to do this once but it did kick off something exciting.

I'm always a bit nervous about telling my family about my goals.

"Dad's obsessed!"
"Not your goals again..."

and other similar sentiments. But this time when I suggested we each write down a few goals we wanted to achieve in 2012, everyone took part. Even our six year old. This weekend she achieved one of her goals - to go to the cinema!

While I'm fairly sure we would have gone as a family at some point this year, it is not a regular event for us. Going to the cinema is a luxury. An expensive treat.

I don't know how our six year old views this but I feel this is a double win for her. She set a goal. She told us about it. We helped her achieve it. She has set a couple of other goals that she'll have to work at to achieve but she has now had the experience of the power of writing down goals; telling others about them; and those goals being achieved.

Do you write goals as a family or with friends? What is your experience of doing so?

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